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March 5, 2018

Around 3 pm I went to get dinner for my family. Ordered a 16 piece meal.

8 fish, 8 chicken, order of cole slaw, onion rings, and 2 orders of fries. Ordered a separate meal for my husband and son because they are at work. 8 piece meal. 4 fish, 4 chicken, cole slaw, and fries.

56$ and some change. I pull up to window and am handed a bag with 2 boxes. Am told that is my 16 piece meal. Next Im getting handed bags with various boxes in them.

As I get to my husband and son's place of employment, I start going thro the bags. I have 1 box with 16 pieces of fish and 2 boxes with 4 pieces of chicken. Im thinking to myself, why would they do it like this? Why wouldnt they put it together how its ordered?

So I had to sit and divide the meal up in the parking lot. Our food for home was cold and greasy. Now as if Im not upset enough, I called them to tell them I was upset, my dinner was ruined, and why wouldnt they just pack it how its ordered. Isnt that why with each meal they asked me how many of what meat I wanted in each meal?

It gets better. When I call I get a man on the phone who tells me they do divide the meat like that and not as ordered because it saves on paper products. I said, why wouldnt you ask if thats how a customer would like it because thats not how it was ordered. He says it was my fault for not being specific.

I said, well my dinner was ruined. He snidely says," whys that?" So I explained that I had to separate the meals in the parking lot. His reply was, " the food is no longer their responsibility after they give it the customer and not his problem." Ok. Then the manager gets on the phone and she is YELLING at me.

Tells me that the guy who I just went around and around with wasnt even there when I came through. So I explained to her why I was upset only for her to call me a liar and say that the meal was packaged as ordered. I explained to her that it was not packaged how she was saying it was because thats how it shouldve been packaged and I wouldnt be upset. I asked her why would I lie when Im not asking for anything in return except an apology and maybe next time theres a big order for them to ask how the consumer would like it packaged.

As my order had 2 destinations. To which I was answered with silence. I said, you cant even apologize? Yes she apologized and then, as the man did, blamed me.

Said I should be more specific next time. When if she had packaged it as ordered....as she was telling me she knew for a fact she did... that I know for a fact she did not...as I was stuck in a parking lot separating it. So how can it be 2 different stories on their end and still be my fault?

Im mad, out 56$, and accused of lying.

I didnt even eat Im so mad. I will never ever go back to the Stevensville, MI branch of Long John Silvers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Long John Silvers Drive-through.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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