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Went through drive thru because we were in hurry to get back on the road, have been going to this ljs as long as I can remember, but had been couple years since I’d been there, first thing was there was no light in menu sign, so couldn’t even see it, people inside were talking about it amongst themselves and we could hear them basically saying screw customers it’s to cold to go outside, my wife got burger meal with a float, float was nothing but ice cream, there was barely any root beer to drink, she said burger tasted awful and was cold, fries were soggy and cold on her and my daughters meals, luckily my daughter fell asleep and didn’t eat her meal because it looked equally as bad, I wanted a couple hush puppies and 6 shrimp, guy kept telling us what we had to do to get to that situation, but when I got it I had 5 shrimp (shrimp tasted fine) I didn’t count hush puppies, but can tell you wasn’t right either, but into 1 of them and was so soaked in grease they weren’t editable, also had a whole meal we didn’t even order, chicken I guess is what it was, but whole meal was $30 and I’m going to be calling someone until I get my money back, ok for most disgusting part of our visit to this store was while my wife waited in drivethru I took my 3 year old daughter to the restroom, when we about got to the service counter the floor was so slick and greasy that I almost slipped and fell while I was holding my daughter, got her in restroom and even the floor in there was so greasy that while I was standing waiting for my daughter to use restroom my feet were sliding apart it was so slick (how does bathroom floor get that greasy) when got back car wife had told me we were charged $30, that’s when found my meal was wrong and had extra meal, told her how gross was inside, she then told me just what you could see if fryers from windows looked like they hadn’t been cleaned in years , she asked me if I wanted to take back, I said no we need to get back on the road and I’m to angry to talk to these people, I’ve never found myself wanting someone to lose their jobs, but whoever is running mcalester store should be fined and fired, the company should be fined heavily possibly some kind of probation for store if can be cleaned up and ran like someone cared, I think the health inspector that has allowed this place to stay open should at very least be reprimanded and sent back to training, since he doesn’t seem to realize he’s letting that place possibly make people very sick

Product or Service Mentioned: Long John Silvers Burger.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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